About Us

Erica Trappe is the owner of Good Food Easy. Erica was the farm manager of Sweetwater Farm from 1994 until the end of 2012 when the farm’s owners retired and she launched her own business. Erica is continuing a long tradition of growing fresh, nutrient rich vegetables and herbs through the weekly subscription CSA and area farmers markets. She’s joined by a talented and dedicated crew!

Robert Smith has worked at Sweetwater since 2005, and is the go-to guy when broken things need to be fixed and lost things need to be found! He supervises the field crew in all aspects of planting, cultivating, watering, and harvesting crops.

Tom Karakalos has been involved with the farm since the 1990’s, both as a worker back then as Erica’s partner all along. After a long stint doing woodworking and cabinet making, he’s now pitching in at the farm again.

Isaac Kratzer is our Rogue Farm Corps intern for the 2018 season — and also happens to be Erica’s son! After working for some years in the retail produce trade in the Portland area, Isaac is back at the farm and looking forward to learning the production and business management sides of the vegetable trade.

Good Food Easy is based at Sweetwater Farm, which is owned by John Karlik and Lynn Crosby. John started the farm in 1979, and has been managing it organically ever since. Later he married Lynn, who joined him at the farm, and together they started the Good Food Easy CSA in 2002. John and Lynn retired at the end of 2012, and are looking forward to more rest and recreation! John is still actively involved in advising on matters such as soil fertility and equipment breakdowns. He has also planted an orchard and vineyard which he continues to oversee – hopefully some of that fruit will appear in Good Food Easy shares in the future.