Locating Locally Grown Food

If you’re one of the growing number of people who wants to buy more of your food from local sources, this page can help you find the suppliers you’re looking for.

Why buy local?

We live in a system that makes it more convenient to buy food that’s produced hundreds of miles away than to buy fresh, seasonal food from the farmers in our own community. More and more people are trying to change that, by supporting the farmers, small food producers and processors that live nearby. This trend is called BUYING LOCAL.

Buying Local helps us all work together to build a vibrant network of small family-scale businesses that reinvest in the community by creating jobs, paying local taxes, and buying supplies from other businesses in the area. Buying Local also lets you experience fresh food in season without a lot of additional processing or time spent in storage.

We are fortunate to have a wide range of local producers in Lane County. Check out the options below, and BUY LOCAL!


Find Good Food Easy at a Farmers’ Market!

Fairmount Market:
SE Eugene @ 19th & Agate (across from Prince Puckler’s Ice Cream)
Sundays, starting in June

Online Farmers’ Market: Eugene Local Foods

This online market features meat, eggs, grains, produce and canned goods from a wide range of local businesses. The site is updated each week showing you what local farms have for sale. You select what you want and place an order on line by Monday morning, then pick your order up on Tuesday at a Eugene drop site. A great way to support multiple farms at once!


Locally Grown Food Sources

Locally Grown Guide: If you’re looking for something specific, check out this searchable online database of local farms produced by the Willamette Farm & Food Coalition.

Or, check out some of our local favorites:


Recipes, Meals & Food Blogs

Now that you’ve got your food, click on the titles below to check out these blogs for great ideas on how to prepare it.

Culinaria Eugenius: Features “epicurean adventures from Eugene Oregon.” A great read offering a fresh perspective on emerging culinary trends and news from the local food scene.

Stone Soup: Just because your food is local doesn’t mean you have to limit where you get your inspiration. This blog is from a fabulous online cooking school (in New Zealand!) that focuses on tasty, nutritious meals that are easy to prepare–a lot of the recipes use 5 ingredients or less.

Saveur Online: This is our go-to site for recipes. Just type in an ingredient you have on hand and you’ll have instant access to a wide range of recipe ideas to choose from.

Heidi Tunnell Catering: Of course, sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking.That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy locally produced food! Many restaurants in our area buy from local farmers. Heidi Tunnell Catering Company in Creswell is one not to be missed! Check out their Tuesday cafe, weekly family-style dinners, and summer barn dinners.