Our CSA Policies

To maximize your CSA experience with us,
be sure to read and become familiar
with the following Good Food Easy policies



We think of it as a ‘Producer/CoProducer’ relationship. We grow organic, nutrient dense food for you in as sustainable a fashion as possible. CSA members are true partners in our efforts, promoting farm health and productivity by forming a consistent and reliable community of financial support, mutual respect, creativity, and optional volunteering.


Commitment: Membership is a minimum of 4 weeks at a time, with payment in advance. Payment can be made through PayPal, bank to bank transfer, and checks. After the first month of membership, payment of more than 1 month at a time is welcome as are automatic payments. Be aware that payment occurs immediately with both electronic checks and PayPal. Also, if you choose the automatic payment option, it is your responsibility to let us know well in advance of the next scheduled payment if you want to stop the automatic payments. Once an automatic payment is initiated, the payment processing company will charge $25 to stop and refund the payment.

Delivery: Your weekly or bi-weekly share of produce is delivered to one of our many pick up sites at a specific day and time. Each pick up site has its own procedures and windows of time for picking up your share. Please note some pick up sites are not open to all (examples: businesses that provide pick up only for their employees, home delivery is possible only if the address is very near our current route). If you signed up for a pick up site not available to you, we will contact you and assign another pick up. After you have signed up with the CSA, we will send you a link to detailed pick up directions – be sure you follow up and get those directions. Should someone pick up your share for you, be sure they have all the pick up site information available. Our site hosts are responsible for nothing other than providing a space for us once a week – they don’t take payments or have the answer to your CSA questions. Contact us for those things. We can reuse large grocery bags and (only) our egg cartons, so please follow site specific instructions for getting them to us.

The Share: At signup, you choose one of three share sizes plus options that we offer. Should you find after a few weeks that you need a larger or smaller size, you can change the size at any point in your subscription. However, changes of any sort must be made by Sunday noon for the following delivery date.

The Produce: The vegetables and fruit in your share are always organically grown and as local as possible. Typically, in the summer and fall, all of the vegetables are from our farm, Sweetwater. As needed, we buy in from other local and organic farms. In order to maintain a healthy and interesting diversity of produce in winter and spring, we source organic produce from out of the area. To do that, we deal exclusively with Organically Grown Company here in Eugene. The day before you get your share, we pick up from Organically Grown so it is as fresh as possible.

On occasion, we need to substitute something in your share – if we do that, there will be a handwritten note on your bag label. After reading the label and newsletter, if you think your share is missing something please let us know and we’ll make good the following week. And, on the rare occasion, funky produce does get past us and into a share – we’re not talking here about cosmetic imperfections, but inferior quality – please be sure to let us know so we can safeguard our standards.

Vacation Skips: If you know you are going to be unable to pick up your share, you can 1) Tell us to donate your share to families that value good food but can’t afford it. 2) Give a friend or family member the very nice gift of your share that week, along with pick up directions. 3) Let us know by the preceding Sunday noon and we won’t make a share for you that week, extending your current subscription by a week. If you fail to let us know you want to skip a week or just forget to pick up your share, your account will be charged for that week’s share. The pick up sites have various ways of getting your unclaimed produce into grateful hands. Your food won’t go to waste.


Weekly Newsletter: You will be getting a newsletter each week within a day of your CSA delivery. It contains a list of what each size share will include, as well as a few recipes using share produce and important announcements such as change in pick up sites. It will be assumed you read the newsletter or at least skimmed it for information you need to know.

Occasional Additional Emails: There may be times we have to send you emails – trust us, we do not do this lightly. If you get an email from the farm/CSA, there’s a reason. Please read it so the CSA can run as smoothly as possible.

How to Contact the Farm: While you can make many changes in your CSA subscription through the online CSA service, Farmigo, there are times when you will want to contact the farm. Our message phone is (541) 895-2951 and our email address is farmers@goodfoodeasy.com. Generally, we will be able to get back to you within 24 hours.