Special Home Deliveries for Creswell During Virus Outbreak

Ordering is now open for the week of 4/6! This week’s share contains: 2 lbs Huckleberry Potatoes, 2 Granny Smith Apples, 2 Navel Oranges, 1 bunch Scallions, 1 lb Mixed Mini Sweet Peppers, 3/4 lb carrots, and a 3-pack of Romaine Lettuce Hearts.

Important notes:

* We have a new and improved ordering platform that hopefully will be less confusing. Payments can be made by PayPal or bank transfer (electronic check).

*New items are now available as add-ons to home delivery shares. **PLEASE only order add-ons WITH a home delivery share. We cannot deliver small individual items; any add-on orders placed without an accompanying produce share will be canceled and refunded.

* There is a limit of two produce shares and one each of add-ons, per household per week. We may sell out so I recommend ordering early!

* Instructions: Click “log in” at upper right of order page; then below the log in fields that appear select “New member? Create account” (repeat customers can just log in to the account you set up previously). Select either  Tuesday or Friday home delivery. If one is sold out, there may still be a space on the other day.


Standard cost is $25 per share (delivery included); senior citizens can receive a 10% discount, $22.50 per share (use promo code CRES10 at checkout)


Q) Why are you doing this?

A) We are in a unique position to fill a potential gap in Creswell’s food supply during this uncertain time. We have the infrastructure (walk-in cooler, packing rooms, delivery vehicles, wholesale account) already in place to facilitate produce deliveries. While the majority of our CSA customers are in Eugene, the people there have a lot more options than we do in here in Creswell. We love the Farmlands Market and admire their commitment to sourcing local, but realistically their capacity is limited. Additionally, people may be avoiding public stores either out of medical necessity or just an abundance of caution, so this is a way for folks who are staying home to still have access to fresh produce. We will let our customers know the time window in which their delivery will be arriving, then just drop off on the porch with no contact necessary.


Q) How does it work?

A) Use the order link above on this page to set up your account and order one or more produce shares for delivery on either Tuesday or Friday. Payment will be online via PayPal or electronic check, and made in advance at the time you place your order. We will guarantee quality and delivery on the agreed date, and if for any reason we are unable to complete delivery you will receive a full refund. **If you do not live in Creswell, please email us to work out how we might get you some fruits and veggies!  farmers@goodfoodeasy.com


Q) How is this different from your usual CSA shares?

A) Our usual CSA shares are sourced from our own farm as much as possible, with veggies from other local farms being our second choice and then from Organically Grown wholesalers as the third preference. What we can harvest from our farm is limited at this time, and already committed to our ongoing CSA members, so the produce offered for these home deliveries will all be from the wholesalers. CSA members have to commit to at least four weeks of shares at a time, while this program would be a one-time purchase with no ongoing commitment. Another difference is that while we offer customized options to our CSA members, it is not feasible for us to do that in this case so it will be a “take what you get” scenario. With that in mind, we will stick to common fruits and veggies that most people like and use regularly (nothing “weird” like kohlrabi or daikon).


Q) Why can’t I choose all of what’s in my delivery?

A) We are a very small family business with a total staff of three people, and we will be trying to do this in addition to our usual weekly CSA delivery routine. It will simply not be practical to try to do a bunch of custom orders, plus we will have to order produce in advance and by the case so we have to know what we’ll need. While all the produce shares are the same, you may customize by adding on extra items if you like. Please only order add-ons ALONG WITH  a produce share. It is not feasible for us to run around delivering individual small items. Any add-on orders placed without a produce share will be canceled and refunded.


Q) Why are you only offering organic produce?

A) The short answer is, because Organically Grown are the wholesalers we have an account with. The longer answer has to do with our values, but ultimately we’re not prepared to try to establish whole new accounts and relationships with other unfamiliar suppliers at this time.


Q) What will be in the deliveries, and where will it come from?

A) As stated above, the home produce deliveries will be sourced entirely from Organically Grown Company in Eugene. It is all certified organic, and by our choice we only order produce grown on the west coast USA (CA, OR, WA) when at all possible. This means fruits and vegetables that are in season in our region now (as well as storage crops like onions, potatoes, and apples), since we find with out-of-season items from distant lands that the quality is generally not up to our standards. Contents will vary from week-to-week, and will always be clearly listed when ordering is open.


Q) Can I order a delivery for someone else?

A) Yes, absolutely! Just enter the address where you want it delivered (instead of your own address) when you place your order. If the person you are ordering for is a senior citizen, you may use promo code CRES10 for a 10% discount.


Q) What if I don’t live in Creswell?

A) At this time we are only offering deliveries to Creswell, it being our home community and where the need is greatest (compared to Eugene/Springfield and even Cottage Grove). However, we are happy to work with you if you live in another outlying community or in a rural area. Please don’t hesitate to email us (see below) and we’ll do our best to figure a way to get you some veggies!

Please feel free to email us with feedback or further questions! farmers@goodfoodeasy.com